Saddle Stitching:

Sheets of paper (signatures) are nested and stapled together. through the centerfold with wire staples.


This is an effective, and economical, binding method for smaller pages counts.  One drawback is there is no spine to print on. Another is as the page count increases the pages will start to bow around the center gold.   Suitable for 4 up to approximately 72 pages, depending on the paper stock and weight.

Perfect Binding:

Ideal binding for catalogs, magazines, annual reports, press kits and luxury brochures. It offers your documents a more professional design at a very attractive price. It allows to assemble a large number of pages and gives the appearance of a book to your print: a rendering of quality and aesthetics!  Suitable from  40 pages and up, depending on paper stock and stock weight.

Section Sewn Binding:

Folded, gathered, and collated pages (signatures) are sewn together at the spine. First through individual signatures and then, for extra durability and flexibility, these signatures are likewise sewn together with thread


This holding power of this type of binding is optimal, and is used when heavier paper stock is bound., and/or heavy usage of the printed piece is expected.   Suitable from 4 to 1000 pages

Wire-O Binding:

Single sheets are fastened by wire rings "Wire-O" through a series of holes punched along one side of the printed pieces

The pages can 'lay-flat' or open right out for easy reading

This type of binding is robust, and a hard or soft cover sheet (front & back) can  be used.

It is suitable from 4 to 500 pages


Binding Options

Choosing the binding methods that best suits your catalog project.

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