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3 Reasons to print a catalogue at Print It ZA

We take customers’ satisfaction seriously and strive to provide you with printing services that can change your business for the better. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when working with us:

  • Range of printing features. To make your catalogues even more outstanding, you can go for Spot UV effects, laminating, embossing, die-cutting and many other finishing options. Plus, it’s up to you to choose from various sizes and a binding methods available.

  • Personal approach. At Print It ZA, we focus on transforming your ideas into great success while always being right by your side throughout the catalogue printing process, complete assistance from start to finish.

  • Low-cost catalogue printing. Apart from astonishing services, we are committed to offering reasonable prices so that you can save even more. Our rates are set with your needs in mind!

Enhance your business coverage by turning custom catalogues to your advantage. Call us to find out how much your upcoming marketing success will cost you!

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Pharmaceutical Packaging  VERY GOOD!!!!

When it comes to packaging, perhaps no industry is as demanding as pharmaceuticals. Not only do manufacturers have to ensure that products will be both protected and attractive, but pharma packaging must meet specific rules from the FDA and other agencies regarding labeling and how they convey crucial information to users. This is why companies must be able to trust their pharmaceutical packaging suppliers to deliver at peak performance. With our vast range of expertise and deep understanding of this market, GCI has the capabilities to meet your needs.



Every pharmaceutical packaging product we make is custom designed to satisfy the specific requirements of each customer. In the packaging of pharmaceutical products, nothing short of perfection will fit the bill and we have the experience, expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver the goods.

How We Deliver for You

We understand the unique and ever-evolving packaging requirements of this industry, and how difficult it can be to keep up with the changes. We also know how important accountability is at every phase of the supply chain, and we do our part to make sure everything we produce is of the highest quality.


SBS (virgin paperboard) is used to provide a clean, crisp, defect-free appearance for each folding carton. Graphics and text must be clear, sharp and instantly discernible. We know that end users need to know exactly what's in the box and that this information needs to be 100% legible and accurate.

Pharmaceutical folding cartons for packaging products and devices need to be sturdy enough to offer the requisite protection while projecting qualities of cleanliness, clarity and reliability to complement the products they contain.  We can custom manufacture pharma packaging that has all the physical characteristics needed, and which also provides a surface that displays your graphics and text in the optimal manner. We're happy to make design suggestions if you're not sure exactly what you need.

We also have the experience necessary to help maintain compliance with new rules regarding verification and serialization. With our capabilities in your corner, you can be sure that your pharmaceutical box packaging will meet all of the requirements.

Why Choose GCI?

When you choose to work with us, you gain more than just a packaging company. We want to be your partner from start to finish, working closely communicating openly throughout the process. We’re flexible, creative and responsive to your needs.

We’re also committed to sustainability, recycling as many materials as possible and sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable resources.

When it comes to quality you can rest assured that GCI’s policies and procedures will make sure that we adhere to your requirements by utilizing inspections throughout every process during manufacturing. Whatever your sampling and quality requirements are we can meet them!

When you are considering a folding carton for a pharmaceutical item, all kinds of specifications can be needed:

  • Offset & flexographic printing

  • Small to large volumes

  • Child resistant, senior friendly designs

  • Heat sealed cards to include with dosage instructions, patient record keeping, coupons and reply cards

  • Serialized product which is then aggregated

  • Unique applications such as security tag labels, serialization and anti-counterfeiting technologies

  • Converting capabilities such as foil board printing, embossing and foil applications, as well as UV printing

With Pharma Packaging Solutions, you have a supplier who can provide:

  • A state-of-the-art  Kodak plate making  system

  • A recently updated Mitsubishi 8 color, 50 inch UV printing press

  • In line vision systems to ensure segregation of copy and structures

  • 90+ years of experience producing folding cartons for healthcare and pharmaceutical customers

  • A Creative Services Team that can produce complicated box structures if needed with dividers and support structures and trays along with the graphics that are compliant with your ANDA filing

For better supply chain control, for superior quality, to help maintain competitiveness and for responsiveness, Pharma Packaging Solutions offers the right team of associates to help you create your pharmaceutical folding carton.

Print With Confidence

At Wholesale Printing Buyers Club we never print until we have your approval. For orders over 20,000 pieces, you will also get a complimentary Press Proof to assure your order is just right. At Wholesale Printing Buyers Club, we never charge for proofs (unless a hard copy proof is required... which is rare) to have the fastest turnaround in getting our clients proofs as we know how important it is in expediting orders promptly and professionally.

You Can Be Confident In Our Quality

At Wholesale Printing Buyers Club we offer the thickest, most high quality stocks in the market today. For all flyers and brochures, our go to stock is 100lb Coated Text... this is the thickest paper stock on the market. Many other printing companies are using thinner stocks such as 60lb, 70lb, 80lb. We do offer 70lb stock as well in cases where you want to save weight for a direct mail piece, but 99% of our clients want it THICK and THICK is what they will get. For business cards, postcards, door hangers and other card stock products, our go to stock is a MEGA THICK 16pt / 160lb C2S Card Stock which is about as thick as it gets. This stock has an almost credit card type of feel and really screams quality. Round the corners on a business card this thick and you really have something to be proud of. We also over even thicker card stock (18pt C1S) and some other thinner options as well with different finishes. Our overall stock selection is the most broad in the industry.

Midway press specializes in full color catalog printings. Midway provides a variety of different paper qualities and sizes to get you the catalog best suited for your business.

customer-focused support

we work with you to ensure your expectations are met.

Good service starts with a quick response and good communication.

We know our business and share our experience,  guiding our customers through the process. Details matter, we check specifications and artwork for any potential production problems.  We discuss options to lower costs. and enhance the finished product.  We pledge to go the extra mile to make sure it's done right and done on time




clearly communicate

will continually search for ways to cut your printing costs.

Good service starts at  preflighting  option, money saver

Our customer service is focussed on 


Give Them Options


preflight, options alternatives, save cost, add value







 Catalogs require a high degree of quality, The Printers Printer has the equipment and experience to get the job done. Product colors must match and products must reproduce w/ fine hi-resolution detail. Accurate color proofing and attention to detail is a must when producing your catalogs. This is what you will come to expect from The Printers Printer.



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