Project Description

The client called for a unique set of single, double and triple product boxes that differentiated the product from the competitors. The packaging should not only handsomely display the product, but the packaging’s feeling and esthetic should reflect the benefits of the using the product - a series of leather care products that protect and enhance the natural beauty and appearance of leather.


To the find the perfect natural paperboard with a well defined grain and deep natural color that creased and folded well and took a good blind emboss.


The boxes needed to ship out to the client flat, but when assembled with product, be sturdy and as solid as a rigid/setup style of box. The design called for a relatively complex rectangular tube design assembled without any gluing or taping.  The tolerances were very small so it was  very important for the box to assemble very securely and accurately without any space or ‘play’ in the slots, tabs, flaps and lock flaps - essential  to maintain the overall structural integrity of the box.  However, the tabs and slots couldn’t be too tight as this would make the assembly too slow and difficult.


Even starting with a well designed die-line we went through a number of rounds of protyping using our cutter-plotter. Each time slightly modifying size, depth and positioning of the fastening elements until the final box mechanics were just right.   The dies were then made and samples were die-cut with the die undergoing one last modification.  (Just a note, while using the plotter-cutter can save time the ultimate test of the packaging is with the die-cut samples.)  

23 box with product_edited_edited
23 box with product_edited_edited
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ZUMBA foil stamp
ZUMBA foil stamp
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