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 Custom Cake Boxes

Premium  Bakery Packaging - Cake Boxes,  Pie Boxes, Donut  Boxes. Fully Customized and Styled to Enhance Your Brand,   While Saving you Money !

We provide Custom Cake & Bakery Boxes for all the retailers and wholesalers in the market.


We use premium quality printing material in the whole manufacturing process of these boxes. It doesn’t matter what quantity, size, shape, or design you want, we produce innovative packaging as you desire. Whether you need individual cake boxes, small cake boxes, pie boxes, donut boxes we have it coverd.

cake box  with handle
customized OEM
  • Unlimited Options & Styles
    Diverse options of stock, style & thickness to additional processes such as spot UV, foil stamping, embossing, and more for unlimited customization possibilities.

  • HIgh-quality Offset Printing
    Up to 6-color printing with endless color & coating capacities, UV Printing, and Pantone color matching available for superior packaging quality.

  • Prototyping
    We help determine the correct specifications for your product and create custom samples &   for testing and validation before mass production.

  • Full-Service Support
    Tailored one-on-one consultation from ideation to completion with a dedicated product specialist to help you get through initial design to delivery without any hassle.

  • Deliver World-Wide

Four corner cake box is the most traditional and popular cake box. This box is specifically designed for cake and other bakery products. It is a perfect box for shipping and displaying cakes. With a window on this cake box, you can easily make it into the perfect display option for your product. This square box is ideal to pack standard-size square and circle cakes. These boxes are very easy to assemble, their simple design allows them to dismantle into a flat tray which makes them easy and convenient to ship and transport. The assembling of the box is as easy as one two three and requires no technical knowledge or professional assistance.

custom printed  bakery box

Custom Gable Bakery Boxes - Recycled Cardstock 

Custom gabled gift boxes featuring full-color personalized graphics on all sides, creating excellent branding opportunities.  Reinforced with corrugate its's suitable for small, medium, and large-sized bakery boxes.  Pre-folded to store flat, and for quick and easy assembly. Comes with a convient built-in lock handle.

gabled bakery box
gabeled bakery box flat

Tall Cake Boxes with Custom Screened Printed Window

A tall cake box for tall or tiered cakes. with a clear window. Elegant, designed box to make cakes and bakery items looks their best.

This box can be embellished with laminations, spot UV and foil stamp.

window silk screen detail  VERY FEATHERED

personalized text & graphics printed on the window.

flcake box no glue with window

Eco-Friendly Custom Kraft Cake Boxes with Window

Kraft cake boxes, kraft bakery boxes, and kraft cookie boxes have superior strength and are 100% eco-friendly. They degrade naturally within a few weeks, or can be recycled for use in new packaging a number of times. Their warm-looking brown color give them a natural organic feel. This kraft bakery packaging can be made with a clear window, paperboard inserts, in numerous box styles suitable for all bakery products.

custom printed  kraft bakery box with window

Customizable 6 Corner Bakery Box

When it comes to the packaging of cakes, every baker looks for boxes that are perfect according to their product. The six-corner cake box is ideal for holding baked goods. It is made of SBS paperboard is affords a clean rigid  box

This box type takes into account the size, shape, and width of the cake.  To most accurately match the dimensions of the cake, you need a 6 corner cake box.  This box is available with or without a clear window

6 corner cake box R

Standard  Self-locking Bakery Box

This wholesale box features an extra sturdy construction. This one-piece construction makes for easy to assemble. This box can be customized to fit any cake; tall, tiered,, half-sheet, and more.

  • One-piece boxes with tuck-top lids and side-lock closure

  • Ships and stores flat for convenience

1 piece  self-lock cake boxes

2-Piece Cake Box -  Base  & Lid

cake box with corrugate
2 piece cake boxes
custome printed cake box 1AA
cupcake muffin box with window
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