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Packaging produced in TAIWAN for Export

High Quality, Low Cost,
Product Packaging

We save you money while simplifying the implementation, production, & management of your business packaging projects.

Custom Boxes  with Added Value and Lowered cost

Whether you are an Established Brand with High Volumes Across Multiple Product Ranges or a Start-Up with Your First Product.

We have the Custom Business Packaging Solution to Suit.

What we do

From our Taiwan printing plant we produce affordable, yet premium quality packaging.  


With 40 years of experience in the industry, all packaging is created specifically with your industry, product, and bottom line in mind.


Whether in the market for new or re-branded packaging we have the solution for your business boxes.  Some of the cardboard packaging we produce include;  shelf-ready folding carton boxes, shippers, e-commerce boxes, litho-laminate corrugated boxes, partitions & inner packaging, carded packaging,  standees, and POS boxes. 

Our end to end service integrates printing, converting, assembly, warehousing, inventory management, and logistics, for your supply chain.  

Teaming up with Asia Print Packaging allows you to concentrate on what you do best, while we ensure the delivery of your Brand at it's finest.

Business Packaging Solutions

Fully customized folding cartons, with unlimited

styles  & options, to meet the needs of our clients.

STE, RTE, TTSLB, TTAB boxes and more.

When you need more protection but still want high-quality print graphics, at an economical price.

All types of shippers, and corrugated packaging

Z  folding box home small.jpg
Z 45   litho lam box home page small.jpg

We provide stock and custom carded packaging for thermoform,  blister, skin, and clamshell packaging for retail and all consumer goods.

POS (Point of Sale) boxes or counter displays offer an attractive way to showcase your products

Z  cards small.jpg
Z   counter display home page 1.jpg

A Selection of the Industries we Serve

Consumer Electronics

Z consumer_electronics_box_8 R .jpg

Roll-End Tuck Top Box with Gold Printed  Inner Box Set

Z  comsumer elctronics box 13 RR .jpg

Printed Window Patch on Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom Box.

Z  comsiumer electronics 4 R .jpg

Lid & Base Box - Matte Laminated, Vacumed Formed PVC Product Tray. 

Z electronics-box-with-cardboard-die-cut

Roll-End Tuck top Box with Custom Die-Cut Cardboard Insert

Z  comsumer elctronics box 12 R .jpg

Corner Window Patch on Straight Tuck End Box

Z  consumer_electronics_box_18 R   .jpg


Z  Houseware_Box_16 R.jpg

Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom Corrugated E-Flute Box

Home Appliance Litho-laminated Box

Z  houseware_box_1 R .jpg

Durable and Strong Shipping Box

Appliance Box

Z  houseware_box_4.jpg

Corrugated B-Flute Carton with Plastic Strap Handle

Home Appliance Litho-laminated Box

houseware_box_2 R .jpg

Reverse Tuck End Box (RTE) with Hanger in club store Cardboard Tray

Sporting Goods

Z  sporting_goods_box_1.jpg

Straight Tuck End Box with Window Patch

Sports Accessory Packaging

Z sporting_goods_box_4.R  .jpg
Z sporting_goods_box_4.R  .jpg

Golf Ball Box SBS Paper with Matte Lamination

Health and Beauty

Z health_beauty_boxes 1 R .jpg

Straight End Tuck Box with Natural Kraft Paper

Z  nutrceutical_box_1 R .jpg

Nutraceutical Box with Imprinted Product Serialilization

Z  heal;th_beauty_16 R psd.jpg

Reverse Tuck End Box with

Gold Foiling and Embossing

Z  health_beauty_boxes._1R.jpg

Premium SBS Grade Paper

Prints Clean, Bright and White

Z  health_beauty_10 R .jpg

Sleeve Box, Silk SBS Paper,  Silk Aqueous Coating Custom Die-cut Insert

Z heal;th_beauty_167  R .jpg


automotive _box_3 ply_box_8 R.jpg

3 Ply Corrugated Shipping Box For Auto Parts Packaging

Z  automotive_parts_packaing R .jpg

Economical RETT Packaging Box Auto Parts Packaging

Z Automotive.packaging_box R 6.jpg

Packaging  Range of E-Flute Mailers 

snap lock bottom tuck top.jpg

Snap Lock Bottom, E-Flue

Matte Lam with Spot UV Coating


Z toy_box_1 R.jpg

Toy Box with Shaped Die-cut Corner Window Patch

Z  toy-packaging_6 R .jpg

Kraft Paper Toy Box with Hanger and  Window Patch

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