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A packaging sleeve can be just a sleeve around the product itself, a sleeve around an inner box, or a slipcase over a roll end or other type of inner tray. This  'matchbox' style box packaging heightens the perceived value of your products and provides a very secure and easily accessible product.


A sleeve provides the simplest, cheapest way to upgrade your product or product packaging appearance. And a way to accentuate your brand with promotion graphics and product information. The sleeve can be further customized to work in with your product or product packaging with special die-cuts and windows. Sleeves are also used to batch multiple products together for retail.

packaging sleeve

Key features

  • Cheap and simple to manufacturer

  • Provides additional real estate for promotion or information.



  • As a sleeve, leaves the product exposed



food packaging, apparel, and other consumer products, seasonal or limited time marketing uses 

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