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Precision die-cutting equipment and experienced staff ensure that your folding carton product is done right every time

Custom Die-cutting

Die-cutting allows the creation of attractively decorative packaging, with a limitless variation of custom styles and shapes to package your products.  Asia Print Packaging has fabricated a multitude of packaging designs: Including folding boxes countertop displays, carded packaging, shippers and more... Every one is custom constructed for its distinct application and function. We use the latest die-cutting technology to provide automation and precision to give quick turnarounds and


Our experienced craftsmen can efficiently and accurately transform any creative idea into the desired packaging.  There are two main production methods employed to make custom die-cuts for your packaging. - flat-bed die-cutting and rotary die-cutting.


We first evaluate your production volumes, lead times and the frequency of re-orders to determine which process to is best suited for each job.


For flat-bed die-cutting, the set-up charge and set-up time are lower and better suited for smaller quantities or one-off orders.

For larger quantities and regular repeat orders, rotary die-cutting is recommended. The one-time setup charge is higher than flat-bed but the speed of production is a lot higher with more box blanks able to be produced in a given time. This reduced unit cost,  makes up over production time, for the extra set-up cost initially incurred.


Our skilled operators take special pride in ensuring packaging  is  die-cut to the highest  precision 

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