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Printing Sheetfed Offset Presses
- regular & large format

We have invested in press technology to give us an edge in quality control and reproducibility, from run to run and job to job.

Where  the Ink hits the Paper

High Fidelity Print Production

The Printing Team at Asia Print Packaging can meet low, medium, and high volume package printing demands across a wide range of paperboard and other substrates.  With 4, 5 & 6 color presses we can combine process inks and PMS colors to create any graphics combination required


Our pre-press and presses are integrated with closed-loop color control systems delivering well-controlled ink densities and precise color replication This technology also enables high efficiencies in speed and automation, reducing ink waste and eliminating excess material usage during make-ready. With this leading-edge technology, our customer benefits from these direct savings along with the environment, through a lower carbon footprint

We use eco-friendly soy-based inks that are renewable and biodegradable, rather the petroleum-based inks. This lowers emissions and aids in the recycling of the printed paper, providing a win-win for the environment.

The G7 seal is a mark of industry-leading color accuracy and consistency.

Asia Print has, in order to give our customers the highest possible quality and reliability in printing, completed certification in the rigorous G7 color calibration process.


As a G7 Master Printer, all our equipment from pre-press to press,  press to press, across our two facilities, are calibrated to G7 standards and kept to this standard by our G7 certified experts.


The end result is predictability of color for our customer's packaging. We give our customs confidence in our ability to run consistent color through long runs and the ability to run multiple SKUs simultaneously without any loss of color fidelity. across the product range.

G7 new

Our presses reduce printing costs,  simplify production, reduce waste and enable shorter delivery times. 

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