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Quality Control

We incorporate an in-house Quality Management System​  that sets specific processes to ensure the highest quality outcomes are always achieved.

Quality Assurances

Quality assurance guarantees the in-process control of all production stages, and the comprehensive inspection of finished products. This system ensures the detection of any possible print, substrate and process defects prior to dispatch.


Customer-specific standard operating procedures can be adapted to meet individual customer requirements.


The goal of our quality program is to document, control and improve all internal processes to ensure our customers receive goods and services that exceed their expectations at every step.


* Quality procedures structured around the ISO 9001 principles 


* Job Planning with preflight of incoming materials​

G7 master seal ready.png

Color Management and QC

 * Color management procedures and scheduled calibration of all pre-press and press color control systems. We have the global IDEAlliance G7 Masters program certification. Ensuring more accurate match between proof and press, and across printing processes.


* With better color control there are faster turnarounds with less material waste, enabling us to pass cost savings on to our customers.


* Departmental quality procedures at every step of manufacturing.


* Sign-offs at each stage of production.


* Final pre-dispatch QC.

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