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Tray & Sleeve Box, Slider Box

At Asia Print Packaging, we offer many different styles, shapes, and sizes of our custom cardboard boxes. One of those is the tray & sleeve box, also called the slider packaging box or drawer box. It is a unique design, which looks exceptionally stylish, and radiates a sophisticated aura to any product that you use it for.  The slider packaging box is a two-piece set. The inner compartment can be slid in and out to display the product. The outer sleeve serves as an extra layer of protection and also helps to attract customers to your product. This type of box is highly customizable.

Key features

  • Displays product attractively, especially when utilizing window and inserts

  • Superior unboxing experience

  • Robust & sturdy, for delicate or fragile objects

  • Reusable

  • Works well with window 

  • Easily assembled, ships flat

  • Cost-effective premium-type packaging





Apparel boxes, shirt boxes, wine boxes, chocolate boxes, candle boxes, phones, luxury goods, but good for just about any product in practice.


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