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The closure panels on the top and bottom for this paperboard packaging fold in opposite directions.  The top closure panel can fold towards the front allowing for the face panel to be seen during the opening and closing of the box. 


A French Reverse Tuck (FRT)  has the bottom and top closure panels folding in the exact opposite directions to the RTE   so the less aesthetic raw edge is less obvious at the bottom of the box.

Reverse Tuck End

Key features

  • Easy to assemble

  • Quick to load with product, either manually or automatically on an assembly line.

  • Cost effective,  the offset  closure flaps allows for better nesting on the press sheet, enabling  more boxes per sheet. Saving material and print cost.

  • Good for lighter products

  • Stacks and stores compactly



  • The cut edge is visible to consumer viewing the face panel

  • some difficulty possible inserting tuck panel because of some window interference



  • Cosmetics & Beauty 

  • Health & Wellness

  • Consumer retail  products

Reverse Tuck End (RTE)

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