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Structural Design & Prototyping

We utilize industry knowledge and the latest technology to give your product the innovative quality packaging it deserves.​

Structural Design

There are a number of important factors that should be considered before designing a box. Firstly, what is the product? How is it shaped and what is the weight?  How much protection from possible blemishes and damage is required?


Secondary, what is the purpose of the box? Will it be only for transportation & distribution, is long-term storage needed?  Is it for retail display where addition design will complement and add impact to the product? How will it be displayed, horizontally or vertically in stacks or singularly?


And finally, product usage - how convenient is the box to use, for both packings of the product at the factory and unpacking of the product by the consumer?


All these are a crucial part of determining the type of box design, the paperboard stocks, and weights that will be the most appropriate to give the best packaging solution.

white box ofa 2.jpg


For any incoming project, Asia Print & Packaging evaluates packaging specifications and technical requirements, checking for design shortcoming and foreseeing any potential production problems. We offer advice and discuss options in an effort to maximize quality, reduce cost, and streamline manufacturing.


Regardless of the type and complexity of the carton or box, we will provide you with custom prototype samples for you or your client’s inspection and testing - before committing to a cutting die. and mass production. We will also examine closures, folds, glue tabs, inserts, window patches, die-cuts, and other detail, with an eye to production and bettering the packaging - details matter – a lot!


We can work from CAD files, vector images, or even a packaging mock-up or sample

Why Prototype?​

  • It facilitates discussion and decision making.

  • It accelerates the packing development process. 

  • It helps circumvent any design or manufacturing problems that could finish up costing time and money.​

       It's well worth spending the time to do.

We are happy to answer your questions & assist you with your project.​

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