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Tuck Top Auto Bottom (TTAB)

TTAB - Tuck Top Auto-Lock Bottom boxes, also known as crash lock bottom boxes,  are one of the most widely used retail boxes.  One of their main advantages is the high speed at which these boxes can be assembled. The bottom flaps are pre-glued so that when the box is "squeezed" or pressured across the box width, the bottom panels automatically pop out to form the box bottom. This is ideal for assembling the boxes on the production line and also saves time and effort when the assembly is done by hand.


The other main advantage of this type of crash-lock bottom box is the glued bottom makes it more secured, especially if the product is heavier, and there is no risk of a heavy product pushing open the box bottom. 

tuck top auto bottom

Key features

  • Good security due to pre-glued bottom flaps, able to hold heavier weight products.

  • Incredibly easy and quick to assemble; either manually or automatically on the production line.

  • Fast loading

  • Also works with litho-lam boxes

  • Sets very flat on the shelf or counter

  • Stacks and stores compactly



  • Higher cost due to extra gluing on the bottom.

  • Narrow width boxes not possible

  • No solid bottom for graphics. UPCs and other graphic elements need to be carefully placed.




Food, Health and Wellness,  Cosmetics,

Toys, Electrical goods, Pharmaceuticals 

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