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Window Patching

 Our windowing utilizes a range of materials to enhance the box and product appearance while maintaining the structural integrity of the box.

Display your Product

Window packs combine the strength and stability of corrugated, solid board or folding carton boxes with a viewing panel that allows the consumer to see what they are purchasing.

Deciding on including a window for your packaging allows for more creative options in design and is a good strategy to drive consumer engagement with your product in the store. Opting for the right film material is helpful in achieving this.


We are able to recommend the best film and thickness to be used for your box by considering a few factors.


Window size - the larger the size the more rigid or stiff the film needs to be to ensure the structural integrity of the packaging and also maintain high burst strength.


Ultimate use - for an upmarket product such as cosmetics or mobile phones the window in the packaging, more likely than not to requires, a stiffer film with a crystal-like clarity and a high level of gloss.  


Cost - has to be considered especially when packaging products of lower value or when production quantities are high.


The most utilized  films are:​​

  1. A-PET ( polyester)

  2. PP (polypropylene)

  3. PVC

  4. OPP

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Whatever your window requirement,  or budget for your packaging, we have the windowing solution for you. From rigid, or flexible window patching for curved windows, to standard or high clarity windows for an up-market look, we have it all.

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