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Custom Folding Cartons

Customed Wholesale Retail Packaging Boxes designed to Enhance your Products.
All Types of Retail Box Styles and Shelf-Ready Packaging to meet your Requirements

What We Offer for your box project

Conception to Completion

Asia Print Packaging provides innovative, cost-effective folding carton packaging,  from design and prototyping, through to printing, finishing and converting


As a specialized folding carton manufacturer serving clients in almost every industry, we have gained a reputation for providing excellence in quality and service.

Expertise & Solutions

 We preflight and assess packaging specifications and technical requirements, foresee any potential problems and design shortcomings. We offer advice and discuss options in an effort to maximize quality, while reducing cost, and streamlining manufacturing.  


We provide you with prototype samples of your custom-made cartons for approval. Examine closures, folds, glue tabs, inserts, windows, die cuts and every other detail to ensure the best possible result is achieved.

Efficient Set-up & Production

With strong supplier relationships, versatile in-house capabilities and staff that like challenges, we meet deadlines for the tightest schedules.  


We work competently and efficiently so it’s done right and done on time!

Color Accurate Printing, Precise Construction

Quality controlled production processes across pre-press and press utilizing high-end color management system and proof media, guarantees consistent quality across your brand - item to item, run to run, and order to order.


We make packaging designed to run on specialized automatic equipment, so we know how to manufacture our packaging accurately to meet the very tight tolerances that automatically packed box equipment requires. Expertise in precise die-cutting enables us to use to maintain very high acceptance rates.

We offer special box designs, die-cuts, windows, metallic and other special effect foils, laminates and coatings to make your product stand out from your competitors.

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Common Box Styles To Consider

It's all in the Box

Boxes can be constructed in many different styles.  Each style has a different characteristic and function. Certain products are better suited to certain box styles.  Some of the most common styles are shown below. Most folding carton will fall into one of these categories.  You can choose your own style or we can recommend a style for your product. 


Click on the images below to learn about the uses, advantages, and disadvantages of that box style of box.



If the style you want is not one of these or you're not sure of what you need -   please contact us.

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paperboard image

Choosing the Right Paperboard

Paperboard / cardboard is available in several different grades, each with unique features suitable for different packaging needs; like protection, promotion, budget, and sustainability.


The most common grades of paperboard packaging are::


  • Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS)

  • Folding Box Board( FBB)

  • Clay coated newsback (CCNB)  / Coated recycled board (CRB)

  • Coated Unbleached Kraft (CUK Board)

SBS - Solid Bleached Sulfate

SBS is the highest quality, and one of the most widely used grades of paperboard today.


It’s comprised of fully bleached virgin pulp.  It is white throughout and coated on one or both sides


It has a superior surface for excellent printing quality.  It's medium strength with a high density. It has good folding characteristics and takes finishing processes, such as embossing, and foil stamping well.


Major markets that use SBS:

  • Medical packaging

  • Cosmetic and perfume packaging

  • Candy boxes

  • Other high-quality packaging

  • High-Value packaging

  • Counter displays

FBB - Folding Box Board

FBB is comprised of virgin mechanical pulp between two layers of chemical pulp, the top layer being bleached.  It is typically coated on one side (C1S)  FBB is used extensively.


This grade of paperboard has good printability and is excellent for die-cutting, creasing  and folding  


lIt has low density, high stiffness, and is strong and durable. Good for high-speed machine packing applications.


Major markets that use FBB:

  • Health packaging

  • Cosmetic and perfume packaging

  • Frozen & Chilled Food Packaging

  • Graphics

  • Stand up displays

CCNB - Clay Coated Newsback 

CCNB is recycled paperboard manufactured from 100% recycled, post-consumer, and pre-consumer waste. It has a white clay coating on the top and is grey or brown on the reverse side. ( With a light white coating on the backside it;s called clay coated whiteback (CCWB))


It is lower cost than SBS or FBB and used when  tear strength and premium print quality aren’t paramount


The specification tolerances of CRB are somewhat less stringent than with SBS and other virgin grades. It is often not as strong and tends to carry slightly higher moisture content than other grades. . As with all other materials, die cutting, creasing and glueing conditions should be adjusted to optimize its performance.

Major markets that use CCNB

  • Laundry detergent packaging

  • Paper goods packaging (facial tissue and napkins)

  • Cereal cartons & other non-contact food packaging

  • Fast Moving Cosumerabiles

  • Shoes, toys, hardware

CCWB back only

CUK  -  Coated Unbleached Kraft

CUK, also know as SUS (Solid unbleached sulfate), is

made with 80% virgin unbleached natural wood pulp


It's know for it durability and resistance to tear  especially when wet. It natural resistance to moisture makes it an idea for refrigerated and frozen packaging applications.

It is often coated  on one side with kaolin clay to improve print ability and  also can be coated with PE coating to further improve the wet-strength.


Major markets that use CUK:

  • Heavy duty packaging

  • Frozen food packaging

  • Beverage carrying containers

  • Pharmaceutical packaging

box styles

Enhancing your box - Finishing Processes

Foil Stamping 

Foil stamping gives an elegant way of customizing your boxes and packaging.  Foil-stamped packaging has a higher perceived quality and draws attention, to your packaging on the shelf.


Foils come in a wide selection of colors and finishes,

embossed packaging


Emphasis elements of your design by adding depth and relief to your packaging.. Take your packaging to the next level with a tactile component that just asks your product to be picked up off the shelf. and handled.


Coatings & Laminations

The right coating or lamination can add a creative dimension and help to protect the box surface.

In fact the  right coating can make or break your print project, and each project may need something different. Whether you want protection against moisture, dirt, overall wear-and-tear or if you want to enhance your packaging aesthetically, the coating or lamination used  can make a big difference to your packaging

spot uv
windowed box

Window Patching

Sometimes seeing what’s in the packaging is important! We are able to create paperboard boxes with transparent windows which allow your product to be viewed without forgoing product protection.

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