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Litho-lam Boxes

Innovative solutions combining functionality, strength, and aesthetics. 

When your Products need more Protection

Custom LItho-laminated Boxes

Asia Print & Packaging is a custom manufacturer and distributor of litho-lam packaging for retail, promotional and marketing applications


We enable your packaging to stand out from your competitors by customizing a packing solution that blends high-quality print graphics with cost-effective, structurally sound design. This not only gives your product protection but also makes it look desirable, adding value and attracting more potential customers, capturing more buyers.


Our Litho-lam boxes can take a beating and still look good on the shelf.  We don't trade form for function and can recommend the paperboard and corrugated flute structure appropriate for your particular product.  Whether it's fragile like consumer electronics, glassware, houseware, appliances or heavy like motorcycle or auto parts, we will choose the most cost-effective method to get the job done.


Apart from windowing and special die-cuts, we offer a wide range of decorative finishes to heighten the appeal of your packaging.  Coatings like matte, gloss, pearl and satin aqueous resin, spot UV coatings and spot varnish, and laminations like matte, gloss,  and soft touch. We do intricate emboss and deboss as well as foil stamp with an extensive choice of foils.


Feel free to contact us to discuss the best options for your packaging.

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Determining How Strong your Box needs to be. 

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when accurately assessing how strong a particular litho-lam box needs to be manufactured.


  • The weight and shape of the product.

  • The nature of the product being packed - is it fragile, easily damaged or distorted?

  • The size of the box.

  • How will the cardboard box be transported, stacked, stored and displayed? (if for retail use) 


With this information, we are able to recommend what type of construction is called for.  The appropriate grade and strength of materials for the top sheet, medium / fluting,  and inner liner of the litho-laminate that will give sufficient strength and resilience to the packaging,  ensuring your product is securely protected. 

Ensuring your product is protected

 - The Mullen Test and the  Edge Crush Test.


We ensure your corrugated packaging is protecting your products correctly is a very important requirement of your packaging. There are two standard industry test methods to test the strength of corrugated boxes.

The Mullen Test measures the bursting strength or the force required to burst a hole through the corrugated material. While the Edge Crush Test measures the vertical compression strength along the edge of a package. Each test provides useful information to summarize the overall strength of the box.

We understand what makes great packaging  - take advantage of our experience and expertise

Litho-lam Construction

Litho-lam s manufactured by laminating a top sheet (outer liner) to a corrugated medium and an inner liner in a unit called a single facer. For litho-lam the inner liner use may be made from recycled, test, or kraft papers,

Litho-lam construction RADY.jpg


Fluting’ is the corrugation between the internal and external lining papers of the board. The various flutes available offer different properties over each other such as Compression, Crush or Burst strength, Printability or Storage space. Corrugated box fluting comes in different sizes and types to be used for different applications. But generally, the larger the flute (A & B profiles) the greater the strength and cushioning. And the smaller the flute (D, E & F profiles) the better the printability and foldability. 


Liner Board

The inner linerboard are either made of virgin kraft pulp, called kraftliner, or of recycled pulp, called testliner. The kraftliner is stronger and has a smoother surface, with superior printability, if that is required. The testliner is more economical than kraftliner. The linerboard may be bleached or unbleached


CCNB clay coated For litho-lam the outer liner or 'top sheet' is most commonly newsback , (also know as white-lined chipboard)  this paper is made with post-customer paper and is clay coated on one side to give a good printing surface.  If a better brighter white printing surface is required then  SBS  Solid bleached sulfate paper is used. This paperboard is made with 100% virgin fiber and is most often used with a fine flute corrugated to make premier packaging.

Inner Packing

Inner Packing is a crucial item in any product box, especially when multiple product pieces need to be packed. It's important to design an effective, yet simple way to ensure that the products in the box are held tight, are well protected and displayed well.


There are a number of different inner packing materials to choose from including:

​ ​​​​​​​​

  • Custom die-cut corrugated inner packing

  • Foam and microfoam - high & medium density

  • EPE Foam, EPU Foam, EPS foam

die cut inner packaging 3 final.JPG.png
foam packaging.png
EPE Foam
  • Partitions (either corrugated or chipboard)

  • Vacuum forming - inner product trays made with PVC, PET or ABS

Vaccum Forming Product Tray
molded-paperpulp insert.jpg
  • molded paper-pulp insert

We are problem solvers with years of packaging expertise to apply to your product so it’s retail ready.

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