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Litho-lam Boxes

Innovative solutions combining functionality, strength, and aesthetics. 

When your Products need more Protection

Custom LItho-laminated Boxes

At Asia Print & Packaging, we specialize in manufacturing custom litho-lam boxes for retail, promotional, and marketing applications. Our litho-lam boxes combine high-quality print graphics with cost-effective, structurally sound design, ensuring your packaging stands out from the competition.

Our litho-lam boxes are built to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling, ensuring your products arrive in pristine condition. Whether you're packaging fragile consumer electronics, delicate glassware, or heavy-duty motorcycle parts, we'll recommend the most suitable paperboard and corrugated flute structure for your needs.

We understand that packaging is more than just protection; it's a powerful marketing tool. That's why we offer a wide range of decorative finishes to enhance the visual appeal of your litho-lam boxes. From matte, gloss, pearl, and satin aqueous resin coatings to spot UV coatings, spot varnish, and laminations like matte, gloss, and soft-touch, we have options to make your packaging truly captivating.

Our litho-lam boxes can feature intricate emboss and deboss details, as well as foil stamping with an extensive choice of foils. We also offer windowing and special die-cuts to showcase your products and create a unique unboxing experience.

Contact Asia Print & Packaging today to discuss the best litho-lam box solutions for your packaging needs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to create a packaging solution that not only protects your products but also enhances their appeal, capturing more potential customers and driving sales.

BLACK & DECKER packaging

Determining How Strong Your Box Needs to Be. 

At Asia Print & Packaging, we understand that choosing the right litho-lam box is crucial for ensuring your products arrive safely and in pristine condition. That's why we take a comprehensive approach to determining the strength and durability of your litho-lam boxes, considering several key factors.

Weighing the Product's Characteristics
The weight, shape, and fragility of your product play a significant role in determining the necessary strength of your litho-lam box. We carefully assess these factors to ensure your packaging provides adequate protection against potential damage or distortion during transportation, storage, and display.
Box Size and Intended Use

The size of your litho-lam box and its intended use are also crucial considerations. Whether your box will be stacked, stored, or displayed on retail shelves, we account for these factors to ensure your packaging can withstand the specific conditions it will encounter.

Tailored Construction for Optimal Protection
Armed with detailed information about your product and packaging requirements, our experts meticulously recommend the appropriate construction for your litho-lam box. We carefully select the grade and strength of materials for the top sheet, medium/fluting, and inner liner to create a litho-laminate that provides the perfect balance of strength and resilience.

Secure Protection, Guaranteed
With our comprehensive approach to determining the strength of your litho-lam box, you can rest assured that your products will be securely protected throughout their journey. Contact Asia Print & Packaging today, and let our experts design a litho-lam box solution that meets your unique needs, ensuring your products arrive in pristine condition every time.

Ensuring your product is protected

 - The Mullen Test and the  Edge Crush Test.

mullen edge diagram

We ensure your corrugated litho-lam packaging adequately protects your products by conducting two industry-standard strength tests:

The Mullen Test measures the bursting strength or force required to burst a hole through the corrugated material.

The Edge Crush Test measures the vertical compression strength along the edges of the package.

Each test provides crucial data to assess the overall strength and protective capabilities of the litho-lam box against potential damage during shipping, handling, and storage.

By carefully evaluating the results of these tests, we can optimize the design and construction of your litho-lam boxes, giving you peace of mind that your products will arrive safely.

We understand what makes great packaging - take advantage of our experience and expertise

Litho-lam Construction

Litho-lam boxes are manufactured by laminating a top sheet (outer liner) to a corrugated medium and an inner liner in a unit called a single facer. For the inner liner, we use recycled, test, or kraft papers, carefully selected for their strength and protective properties. This meticulous lamination process results in durable litho-lam boxes that combine an attractive exterior with a robust interior, ensuring optimal product protection.

Litho-lam construction


The 'fluting' refers to the corrugated layer between the inner and outer liners of a litho-lam box. Different flute profiles offer varying properties like compression strength, crush resistance, burst strength, printability, and storage space.


Larger flutes (A & B profiles) provide greater strength and cushioning, while smaller flutes (D, E & F profiles) allow better printability and foldability.

We carefully select the appropriate flute size and type based on your product's protection needs and desired print quality for the optimal litho-lam box solution.


Liner Board

Inner Linerboards: The inner linerboards are made from either virgin Kraft pulp (Kraftliner) or recycled pulp (testliner). Kraftliner offers superior strength, smoothness, and printability, while testliner is a more economical option. These linerboards can be bleached or unbleached.

Outer Top Sheets: For the outer liner or 'top sheet', newsback (white-lined chipboard made from post-consumer paper) is commonly used. It features a clay-coated side for excellent printability. For premium packaging, solid bleached sulfate (SBS) paperboard made from 100% virgin fiber is often paired with a fine flute corrugated layer. SBS provides a brighter, smoother printing surface ideal for high-end litho-lam boxes.

We carefully select the appropriate linerboard and top sheet materials based on your product's requirements, desired print quality, and budget considerations.

Inner Packing

Inner packing is crucial for litho-lam boxes, especially when containing multiple items. Effective inner packing secures products during shipping while enhancing their presentation.

We offer various inner packing materials:

  • Molded pulp inserts

  • Corrugated partition pads

  • Die-cut foam inserts

  • Specialized trays/dividers

Our experts recommend the ideal material and configuration to hold your products tightly in place, well-protected and attractively displayed within the litho-lam box.

With our attention to detail, your litho-lam boxes provide superior product protection and an exceptional unboxing experience.

  • Custom die-cut corrugated inner packing

  • Foam and microfoam - high & medium density

  • EPE Foam, EPU Foam, EPS foam

die cut inner packaging
foam packaging
EPE Foam
  • Partitions (either corrugated or chipboard)

  • Vacuum forming - inner product trays made with PVC, PET or ABS

Vaccum Forming Product Tray
molded paperpulp insert
  • molded paper-pulp insert

We are problem solvers with years of packaging expertise to apply to your product so it’s retail ready.

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