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Tuck Top, Snap Lock Bottom (TTSLB)

The snap-lock or 1-2-3 closure (named on account of the 3 easy assembly steps) is exclusively used on the box bottom, usually in combination with a tuck closure panel on the top. The snap-lock closing is designed to not open under the weight of the  heavier products

TTSLB is ideal for heavier items, like glass, food, medical, pharmaceutical packaging boxes, retail boxes, software boxes, and toy boxes.

Key features

  • Works well for heavier products

  • Relatively quick loading

  • Sturdy and durabile

  • Compact storing

  • Nice counter display box sits. very flat on the shelf

  • Can have a friction fit or slit locks for more secure closure

  • Economical solution for larger volume applications



  • More expensive than a bottom tuck box for smaller quantities



Hardware, Health and Beauty, Houseware, Toys, Food, Pharmaceutical

1-2-3 bottom or snap lock bottom box
TTSLB Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom Box

How To Fold The Snap-Lock Bottom Box?
1.  Fold the largest bottom panel.
2.  Then fold the two end panels.
3   Fold & place tapered 4th flap into the slot created by         the other 3 panels.

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