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Full Seal End (FSE)

FSE - Full Seal End cartons are made to run at high volumes on high-speed packaging equipment. They are usually erected, filled and closed fully automatically, The closures panels for top and bottom are fully overlapped, and when glued, give these boxes good reinforcement and the ability to handle a heavier load capacity.  This style of box is most commonly used for fast moving consumer goods.

FSE Full Seal End

Key features

  • Used specifically for high-speed automatic packing & fulfillment

  • Full overlapped glue sealed ends give a high load capacity

  • A higher level of tamper resistance

  • Ideal for Kit boxes

  • Sturdy construction good with heavier products

  • suitable for granular substance - for example, laundry poweder.



  • Not suitable for hand filling and sealing

  • Not resealable or reusable. 



Custom food , medical and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

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