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Full Seal End (FSE)

When it comes to high-volume, automated packaging lines, the full seal end (FSE) box design is the ultimate solution. Engineered specifically for use with high-speed packaging equipment, these boxes offer superior strength and tamper resistance, making them ideal for a wide range of industries.

FSE Full Seal End

Explore the Key Advantages of Full Seal End Boxes:

  1. High-Speed Automation Compatible: FSE boxes are designed to seamlessly integrate with high-speed automated packaging lines, ensuring efficient and rapid throughput.

  2. Superior Load Capacity: With fully overlapped and glue-sealed ends, these boxes boast excellent reinforcement, enabling them to handle heavier products with ease.

  3. Enhanced Tamper Resistance: The secure, fully sealed construction of FSE boxes provides an added layer of tamper-resistance, ensuring the integrity of your products during transit and storage.

  4. Ideal for Kit Packaging: The sturdy nature of these boxes makes them perfect for packaging kits or bundled products, keeping components securely contained.

  5. Granular Substance Compatibility: FSE boxes are well-suited for packaging granular substances, such as laundry detergent or dry food products, preventing leakage or spillage.

While not suitable for manual filling and sealing processes, and not resealable or reusable, full seal end boxes are the packaging of choice for industries dealing with high-speed consumer goods, food products, medical supplies, and any application requiring heavy-duty, automated packaging solutions.

By combining superior strength, tamper resistance, and high-speed compatibility, FSE boxes are the ultimate choice for businesses seeking efficient, secure, and reliable packaging for their products.

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