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Straight Tuck End (STE)

If you're looking for an attractive and easily assembled box for your products, the straight tuck end box is an excellent choice. This box style features four clean folded edges on the front panel, providing a sleek and professional look that's perfect for cosmetics, toys, sports equipment, and health & wellness products.


Key Benefits of Straight Tuck End Boxes:

  1. Eye-Catching Aesthetics: With four neatly folded edges on the front panel, these boxes offer a clean and polished appearance, making them ideal for showcasing your brand.

  2. Easy Assembly: Straight tuck end boxes are designed for quick and effortless assembly, whether you're packing products manually or using an automatic assembly line.

  3. Large Window Compatibility: The design of these boxes allows for the incorporation of large window panels, enabling customers to get a clear view of your products.

  4. Compact Storage: When not in use, straight tuck end boxes can be stacked and stored compactly, saving valuable space in your warehouse or retail environment.

  5. Lightweight Product Suitability: While not recommended for heavy items, straight tuck end boxes are perfect for securely packaging lighter products.

Although straight tuck end boxes may not be as cost-effective as reverse tuck end boxes due to their non-nesting shape on print sheets, their attractive design and functional features make them an excellent choice for businesses seeking a visually appealing and practical packaging solution.

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