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5-Panel Hanger

When it comes to eye-catching product displays, the 5-panel hanger box is an innovative packaging choice that demands attention. Constructed with either a tuck end or snap lock bottom, this box features an extended back panel designed for hanging, making it perfect for retail environments.

5 panel hanger

Discover the Key Benefits of 5-Panel Hanger Boxes:

  1. Captivating Point-of-Purchase Displays: With a built-in punch hole, these boxes can be easily hung from pegs or racks, instantly grabbing the attention of shoppers as they browse the aisles.

  2. Ample Branding and Product Info Space: The extended back panel provides a large display area, ideal for showcasing eye-catching graphics, product details, and marketing messages.

  3. Versatile Customization Options: The panel size and shape can be tailored to your specific needs, offering a great packaging solution when products need to be prominently displayed.

  4. Die-Cut Window Compatibility: These boxes can accommodate die-cut front windows, allowing customers to catch a glimpse of the product inside.

While 5-panel hanger boxes are designed for lighter products and may not be suitable for narrow-width items or those requiring solid bottom graphics, they excel in industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and other lightweight product categories.

By combining attention-grabbing visuals with convenient hanging capabilities, these boxes are the perfect choice for businesses seeking to make a lasting impression and drive sales at the point of purchase.

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