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5-Panel Hanger

A Five-panel hanger is a perfect way to attract customer attention.  It is constructed from a tuck end style, with either tuck end or snap lock bottom. The back panel is extended to make a  single or double layered display panel.  This panel has a  punch hole so the box can be hung on a peg.  If the product is small the panel can be enlarged to provide an increased  area for graphics or to display product information 


This box style is ideal for light products.  The panel size and shape can be customized for a great packaging solution when products need to be displayed at the point of purchase by hanging from racks and shelves.  

5 panel hanger

Key features

  • Designed to be hung on pegs and hooks.

  • Good for POP display

  • Provided larger display area for graphics or product information

  • Suitable for die-cut front window



  • Not suitable for heavy products

  • Narrow -width boxes not possible

  • No solid bottom for graphics. UPCs and other graphic elements need to be carefully placed.




Ideal for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and other lighter-weight products

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