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Every package provides form, function, and a terrific marketing opportunity!

At our Taiwan & China printing factories, we are able to lower prices while still providing premium quality packaging Not only will lower costs increase your product competitiveness, but the cost savings will also allow for additional finishing and production process, such as foiling, windowing, specialty coatings & embossing to further enhance the desirability of the packaging, and your product.

In the market for new or re-branded packaging,  we manufacturer unique and durable cardboard items, such as folding carton boxes, litho-laminate boxes, partitions, and inner packaging, carded packaging,  standees, and POS boxes.  Every one of which is created specifically with your industry, product, and bottom line in mind. 


We integrate the high-quality printing and converting of your packaging materials with assembly, warehousing, inventory management, distribution and shipping logistics for your supply chain.

Teaming up with Asia Print Packaging allows you to concentrate on what you do best, while we ensure the delivery of your brand at its finest.

Consumer Electronics

consumer_electronics_box_8 R .jpg

Roll-End Tuck Top Box with Gold Printed  Inner Box Set

comsumer elctronics box 13 RR .jpg

Printed Window Patch on Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom Box.


Roll-End Tuck top Box with Custom Die-Cut Cardboard Insert

comsumer elctronics box 12 R .jpg

Corner Window Patch on Straight Tuck End Box

comsiumer electronics 4 R .jpg

Lid & Base Box - Matte Laminated, Vacumed Formed PVC Product Tray


comsumer elctronics box 3R.jpg

Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom Corrugated E-Flute Box

Home Appliance Litho-laminated Box

houseware_box_1 R .jpg

Durable and Strong Shipping Box

Appliance Box


Corrugated B-flute Carton with Plastic Strap Handle

Home Appliance Litho-laminated Box

houseware_box_2 R .jpg

Reverse Tuck End Box (RTE) with Hanger.  Bulk-Pack Cardboard Tray

Sporting Goods

Fulfillment Services

Do what you do best, let us do the rest.

Your product is your team’s core competency. Packaging and distribution is ours. Our team can assemble and distribute your packaged product to your buyers and save you the hassle of working out the logistics.

Reduce Overhead and Labor Costs

Take advantage of The BoxMaker’s cost effective fulfillment, kitting, and pack-out solutions to reduce your labor costs and save on warehouse space. Our fulfillment services team is ready to be your value-added partner.


Quality Service, Delivered On Time

We understand quality, turn times, complexity, and appearance. Your customers expect the best from you and we can deliver that consistently – on time, every time. From the simple pack-out to the most complex of business models we’ll help you stay ahead of your competition.

The BoxMaker offers the following services:

  • Structural design and packaging integrity

  • Pick and pack

  • Assembly, including stocked in-store displays

  • Labeling and digital print options

  • Quality-assurance, RGA, quarantining, inventory control

  • JIT warehouse storage

  • Last mile logistics


Straight Tuck End Box with Window Patch

Sports Accessory Packaging

sporting_goods_box_4.R  .jpg

Golf Ball Box SBS Paper with Matte Lamination

Health and Beauty

health_beauty_boxes 1 R .jpg

Straight End Tuck Box with Natural Kraft Paper

nutrceutical_box_1 R .jpg

XXXXXXXXXXX  Nutraceutical Box 


Premium SBS Grade Paper

Prints Clean, Bright and White

health_beauty_10 R .jpg

Sleeve Box, Silk SBS Paper,  Silk Aqueous Coating Custom Die-cut Insert

heal;th_beauty_16 R psd.jpg


Let Us Help Your Business Be More Efficient

Supply Chain Management (SCM) follows the entire lifecycle of products from raw materials to its end use and delivery. The Supply Chain includes the movement and conversion of materials between all entities that are involved in any part of a finished product. SCM is the design, planning, execution and control of the activities along the Supply Chain and includes monitoring of all of those steps along the way.

Supply Chain Management Objectives:

  • Add value to the Supply Chain along each link or activity by leveraging logistics

  • Coordinating supply and demand

  • Building an infrastructure

  • Measuring performance of each link

The BoxMaker manages the logistics and supply of items that the BoxMaker manufactures along with consolidating and coordinating the Supply Chain of many distributed items for our clients. Our integrated business allows us to constantly analyze the best approach for individual client Supply Chain needs between custom manufacturing and sourcing distributed supplies all under one roof.

We constantly review our internal and external Supply Chains for opportunities to maximize the efficiency of our logistics and effectiveness of our buying power and manufacturing processes. We are able to bring this experience to bear with our clients by extending the Supply Chain communication further up and down the chain to help optimize the value of our Supply Chain together.

Having delivered creative and innovative solutions to major retailers since the 1980’s, we have the hands on experience that gives us a very real understanding of the complete supply chain and the issues it can present. It is that understanding that enables us to apply innovative and creative thinking to arrive at practical display packaging solutions for you, and is evidenced in our delivery success rate of 99.5%. You can be confident your display packaging will be fit for purpose and delivered on time.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is concerned with planning and controlling inventory of materials and goods. Many methods of Inventory Management exist and are commonly combined to suit the needs of a particular business. Effectively managing inventory levels and flows of materials is integral to running an efficient and profitable business.

The BoxMaker utilizes a combination of Inventory Management methods to control inventory levels, lead times and costs for our clients and ourselves. We are able to be very flexible with our inventory levels through our processes, allowing us to mold our inventory programs to meet our different clients’ needs. We are continuing to focus our Inventory Management efforts on communication. Communicating inventory levels and inventory needs up and down the supply chain helps to maximize inventory investment efficiency and minimize stock-outs and backorders.

Managing Project Lifecycles

Did You Know?
The latest in packaging technology presents more opportunities than ever in aesthetics, personalization, and regionalization, but also means increasing regulations and compliance standards that need to be considered in the decision making process.

That’s why we use WebCenter to become your Packaging Management System – a GMP compliant, one-stop-shop for total packaging system authority.

Get the Most from Your Supply Chain

Did You Know?
Efficiency in packaging is paramount, and staying ahead of the competition requires that every facet of your business operate at peak performance.

Having delivered creative and innovative solutions to major retailers since the 1980’s, we have the hands-on experience that gives us a very real understanding of the complete supply chain and the issues it can present.

As an AFFLINK member, we are also a facilitator of ELEVATE, a unique web-based process developed to help evaluate and improve clients’ business processes.

Reverse Tuck End Box with

Gold Foiling and Embossing



In the world of online retail, packaging is the new storefront.

With online sales booming, the opportunities for brands to connect with consumers in the physical retail space are dwindling. Product packaging has become the main platform through which a consumer experiences your brand, and it must deliver.

Deliver Your Product, Deliver Your Brand

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.
– McKinsey –

Packaging is the link between retailers and consumers. Successful eCommerce packaging satisfies the brand owner, e-retailer, fulfillment center, and end user by not only delivering the product in tact to its destination, but also delivering a branded experience – straight to your customer’s door.


Protect Your Product and Your Reputation

20% of consumer returns are attributed to receiving a damaged product.
– invesp –

It takes a village to ensure packaging performance. Our team of award-winning structural designers are the experts when it comes to carrier specifications, optimizing your packaging for shipping and protection, and delivering a frustration-free experience to your customers. Add this to our robust capabilities all along the supply chain, and The BoxMaker is your all-in-one packaging partner.

Our solutions include:

automotive _box_3 ply_box_8 R.jpg

3 Ply Corrugated Shipping Box For Auto Parts Packaging

Automotive.packaging_box R 6.jpg

Packaging  Range of E-Flute Mailers 

automotive_parts_packaing R .jpg

Economical RETT Packaging Box Auto Parts Packaging

Toy & Pastimes

toy_box_1 R.jpg

Toy Box with Shaped Die-cut Corner Window Patch

toy-packaging_6 R .jpg

Kraft Paper Toy Box with Hanger and  Window Patch

IAUTOMOTIVE PACKAGINGn the automotive industry, it is crucial to have packaging solutions that deliver ultimate protection for high value goods and parts. From the engine to small mechanical elements and decorative interior items, the production of a vehicle requires thousands of different components. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the vehicle industry accounts for over 40% of all the industrial and transport packaging that is needed worldwide.

What Are The Best Packaging Solutions For Automotive Packaging

Posted On:December 21, 2013


When automobiles are assembled the parts that go into them are transported often over long distance, often overseas and these parts need packaging solutions that work so that the products and parts reach in a pristine condition. There are hundreds of parts that go into making automobiles ranging from engines and the innards of a vehicle to the interiors and decorative items to the spoilers, grilles and other parts that decorate the outside of the vehicle.

Best packaging solutions

The best packaging solutions for automotive packaging are those that maximize the use of packaging space so that all the products can easily be packed and stacked, at the same time reduce packaging waste. This makes for lighter weight packaging that is easier and cheaper to transport. Among the packaging used for automotive parts are:

  • Light product boxes

  • Bearing product boxes

  • Air filter product boxes

  • Automotive part boxes

  • Auto light bulb boxes

  • Folding cartons

  • Box sleeves blister packs

  • Partition structures

  • Hanging pouches

  • Foam

  • Foam laminated containers

  • Rigid steel racks

  • Customized tote trays

  • Collapsible injection molded palletainers

  • Stacking box with foam for clusters

  • Foldable containers

If you manufacture any automotive parts, you need to find the best packaging solutions to ensure product integrity, is corrosion free and returnable or reusable, saving on packaging costs even further. A good packaging company will ensure that

  • The customer gets the right packaging equipment so that the products are able to withstand temperature changes, vibrations, loading and unloading stresses and reach the users safely.

  • There should be no compromise on designing and building of specialized packaging materials whether the work is done with hand held tools or large scale automotive packaging systems.

  • Understanding industry requirements and innovating creative solutions.

  • Good customer service and after sales service.

If you need the best packaging solutions for your automotive packaging you should contact M. Jacob & Sons. We have been in the packaging business since the turn of last century and can provide customized solutions to all your packaging problems. We provide reliable and professional expertise for specialized packaging needs at competitive prices and if you have any automotive parts that need to be packed, come to us.


Personalized Packaging That Wows

In the health, beauty, and wellness industries having beautiful custom packaging is essential. But it’s not all about looks — health and beauty packaging must be designed for convenience and ease-of-use. These types of packaging must work for the supply chain just as well as the retail shelves.

Health and Beauty Packaging Solutions

Packaging helps your product stand out from the hundreds of other health and beauty products on the shelf. The BoxMaker can help you develop a comprehensive plan that addresses each element of packaging to protect your product and promote your brand.

The BoxMaker is your all-in-one packaging partner in the Pacific Northwest and beyond fo

  • Product Labels

  • Custom Folding Cartons

  • Branded Master Cartons and Shipping Boxes

  • Retail Displays and Signage

  • Sales Kits

  • Promotional Displays

In addition to packaging and display products, The BoxMaker can add value to your health and beauty packaging projects by supplying product fulfillment and distribution services.

Every package provides form, function, and a terrific marketing opportunity!


We'll Spark New Packaging Inspiration

The Northwest is home to many companies that produce electronics and parts for electronic applications within transport, energy generation, and sports equipment. We are the preferred packaging source for many of these top firms.


Protect Your Electronic Products with The BoxMaker

The design team at The BoxMaker has extensive experience with the complexities of packaging electronic products for proper shipment, inspection, and storage ahead of installation. Our sales and delivery staff are aware and respectful of the safety requirements within these manufacturing environments.

Whether you need a single-source vendor-managed supply agreement, a single-responsibility packaging solution, or assistance expanding lean practices with your packaging, we’re here to help.


70% of consumer purchasing decisions are based on packaging alone, so it’s no surprise that a product’s primary cover is crucial.

From retail packaging and displays to shipping cartons and pallet-sized industrial packs, The BoxMaker will leverage every opportunity to create innovative structural designs intended to showcase and protect your product.

Our Packaging Design Studio

Our packaging design studio is unique—we have a working knowledge of not just one but many different substrates. The BoxMaker’s team of designers are material neutral, which means we will design your custom solution using the best material for your needs, not only in materials that we manufacture with in-house. Whether it be corrugated, polyurethane or polyethylene foam, EPS, Falconboard®, Hexacomb®, or SBS paperboard—you can have the confidence to know that we are guiding you in the direction that meets or exceeds your vision.

We use sustainable materials, create innovative options, and offer design alternatives whenever possible. Every facet of a product’s packaging is carefully designed to maximize protection, efficiency, and – of course – visual impact.


An Award-Winning Structural Design Team

Great packaging and displays begin with great design. We are constantly pushing the limits of packaging design, and in order to do so we have invested heavily in industry leading software and hardware. We have also committed to investing in quality people with amazing skills and creativity. We are fortunate to have some of the nation’s best designers on our team. These creative people thrive on being challenged and push the limits of structure, materials and packaging machinery.

As part of our commitment to innovative design we participate industry competitions. Over the years, the talent and innovation of our team has been recognized with numerous awards in the following categories:

  • Innovative structural design consumer focus

  • Innovative structural design industrial focus

  • Best use of corrugated material replacing other packaging or best demonstration of it environmental advantages

  • Judges choice

  • Corrugated Art and Design


Packaging Prototyping

Between concepts and finished product lies an important milestone. The BoxMaker’s award winning design studio uses the latest industry leading CAD systems and software specific to the packaging industry to develop full-scale prototypes based on your actual product or 3D model. Cushioning materials and full mock-ups are integral parts of every design project.

Once our designers are satisfied with their work, our state-of-the-art Kongsberg XP Auto then whips out prototypes at lightning speed. Need more than a prototype to bring to your next trade fair or shareholder meeting?  Our HP wide-format digital press and Kongsberg table can save your day – and your budget. All we need is our CAD drawing and your electronic artwork file to produce short-run prototyping with unparalleled results.

The BoxMaker’s design studio has high capacity to meet the most demanding specifications and schedules which makes us uniquely qualified to handle the growing needs of clients in any industry.

Are you in a need of a custom design solution? Reach out now to learn more and get started.


3D Modeling

Our in-house design team works with the latest software for structural designs and CAD layouts.  We can also take the process to the next step with our 3D modeling capabilities.

We transform our creations into 3-dimensional models on-screen, allowing us to rotate and fold the design, add assembly steps, apply graphics, and rapidly change perspective to get a more robust understanding of utilization, aesthetics, and viability. This process increases quality by allowing us to implement any changes or brilliant design ideas before we’ve gone through the sample approval process.

How to order

1, Provide the products information
2, Packaging sample design
3, Packaging samples free proofing
4, Send sample proof confirmation
5, Mass production according to confirmed sample
6, On time delivery


Reliable Quality and Consistency

Quality, consistency, and cold chain management are the watchwords for packaging in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and medical industries. The BoxMaker operates with an ISO compliant, documented quality system.

Medical Packaging

We are selective about the product lines we represent because we know you cannot afford non-conforming packaging, downtime, product damage, or product tampering. Our extensive experience in medical and pharmaceutical packaging enables us to bring you ideas and perspectives on industry best practices and products.

To our many customers in drug, nutraceutical, medical, and dental manufacturing and distribution – thank you very much for your business!


Request a Medical Device Packaging Quote

The BoxMaker is ready to partner with you to meet all of your medical device packaging needs. Contact us today to get started.

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