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Why print with us?

* Professional Bi-lingual Project  Management
* Cost Savings
* Quality Guarantees
* Ease of Production and Delivery

Cost Savings

The lowest available pricing for printing in Asia with the same quality assurance, service and reliability of doing the job in the USA or Europe


Cost saving of 40% or more with the final product being the best you can get anywhere

Professional Bilingual project Management

Our bi-lingual management ensures no miscommunication of job specifications, technical issues or expectations. Projects are analyzed to determine the best possible way to produce the final print item, avoiding any potential production issues and ensuring the lowest cost possible. We will step you through the process, constantly updating you on the status of your job.  At the quotation stage we will provide you with comprehensive production and delivery schedules


On jobs with some flexibility in printing specs we can consult on, for free, the various production options available for further cost reductions or enhancements of the job.

Quality Guarentees

New plant and equipment along with continual investment in new printing technologies and techniques let us provide quality as good as the best printing housed in the U.S. or Europe.

As an international printer in China we use high- end Heidelberg and Mitsubishi presses, CTP output and pre and post press production facilities are operated by qualified professionals, who undergo continual training and performance assessment. Production facilities are ISO certified and follow the same codes of practice as in the U.S and Europe..

Press proofs on the actual paper stock, printed on the presses running the actual job, (including, if requested, all post-press production - binding, die-cut, emboss etc...) will be Fedexed for customer approval. The print run will not commence until the customer is completely satisfied. What you see is what you get!

Samples of the formal print run are air freighted to you before the job ships.

VERY GOOD IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ease of production & Delivery

Shipping and Delivery

We can take care of all shipping, documentation, customs clearances, and final delivery to your place of business. The job is in experienced hands all the way to your door. No  problems, no bother!

Internet connectivity, FTP and PDF workflows make job submission and management as easy as with a local U.S. or European printer

Fast turnaround

With all production facilities running 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, more than one printing plant and great versatility of production, provides lead and turnaround times much faster than the U.S.

Flexibility - Last minute changes to art and job specifications.

With short lead times and highly trained pre-press operators we have the ability to make, if required, last minute changes to art and text, at no cost. The short lead times also allows for jobs specs to optimized to the customers satisfaction.

Comprehensive solutions

This choice of production facilities, printing technologies and Asian flexibility allows us to offer one stop solutions. In addition to offset printing we provide:

UV printing
screen printing
variable data printing
large format offset printing
handwork fulfillment
warehousing & logistics

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